So, about the Closed Beta Rewards...

I have a little concern with what is stated here:

in this part saying "*If you have a Steam or Epic Games account, please link your account with an Xbox Live account before the official launch of PSO2:NGS."

So i played in the MS Store version at first and then moved to Steam, does that mean my account is already linked? or will i have to go back to the MS Store version to get those rewards? I'm very confused about that part.

@Jitsu If you started on XBox/MS Store, then linked to Steam or Epic, you are good. From a technical standpoint, it means that your PSO2 account primarily counts as an XBox Live account (ie. you can unlink your PSO2 account from Epic or Steam, but you can't unlink from the XBox/MS Store version).

Ah cool, just wanted to be sure, thanks for the confirmation!

It also technically means that you will need to be playing the game on the MS Store or XBOX version in order to claim the rewards, just like with AC and pack purchases on the different stores. You can't claim the purchases in those cases without logging in on that platform. The same is also true of other platform based gifts and rewards, such as the current MS Store/Xbox version exclusive login bonuses