Will signing up for CBT with the SAME account but MULTIPLE DEVICES take up multiple beta slots?

I register on two machines, am I going to inadvertently take up an extra player's Beta slot?

I just found out that the PSO2:NGS global closed beta signup is not account-bound, but rather installation bound just as the Subreddit "Heads Up: The Global NGS Beta appears to bind the beta download to the unique computer you registered on." (If you signed up for the beta on a different machine, e.g. you signed in to your Microsoft account on your friend / family member's machine or your own non-gaming to sign up for the beta, when you come back to your main gaming machine, it will not show you as registered for the beta. You'd have to sign up again.)

I discovered the issue because I first signed up on my non-gaming machine, then when I checked my registration status on all my machines, my gaming machine was not registered while my non-gaming machine was registered. They were linked to the same Microsoft account. When noticing this, I signed up again for the beta on my gaming machine, and then I "left" the beta on the non-gaming machine. (I didn't want to stay doubly signed up in case I would have invalidated my chance to test or taken up an excess beta opportunity that another person could have.) I'm asking this question on this forum because if I remained doubly signed up, would I have counted as two players?

I posted before that Xbox Insider hub is a rooted app so it takes your computer as unique without considering all others that are connected with your account, still Insider Hub was used before by Microsoft for AOE and Flight Simulator betas so I doubt they count each computer as a separated entry and just consider the account after all you do require a Microsoft account in order to access Xbox Insider Hub.