PSO2 Merchandise & NGS Physical Starter Package for Global Players


I wanted to start a topic to gauge interest in favour of physical items for Global Players.

SEGA currently sells merchandise for various brands through their digital storefronts, some examples are linked below:




In Japan, they offer a selection of SEGA and PS merch here:


Phantasy Star:

I would like to suggest that PSO2 and Phantasy Star brand merchandise be offered through these international stores in order to offer memorabilia, soundtracks, and other merchandise that Japan has offered to players for years, to a wider, truly Global audience where possible.

In the latest PSO2: NGS Stream we saw what Japanese side was being offered, I wanted to voice my support for a Physical Starter Package for Global Players that matches that of the Japanese offering as it does not seem fair Global players are unable to partake in a great opportunity to own not only a piece of physical merchandise, but a soundtrack which we can listen to at our leisure.

This makes the Japanese offering much more appealing than simply a digital only product, I myself have purchased many PSO2 items over the years at the cost of importing them with high tax rates, and I will be doing the same for this Japanese Starter Package as opposed to buying the Global version's digital only offering, as it is a much better value product in comparison, knowing full well I will be unable to use its content on the Global version and be restricted to the Japanese version.



Please take this as feedback, and hopefully we can gauge proper interest in items like this through players via the forum and other social outlets.


There needs to be better ways to get PSO2 related items for NA/Global, there are some things that might be nice to have.

I know of some websites that sell model kits and statues related to PSO2 to add to your list:

Big Bad Toy Store They sell a bunch of other stuff

Hobby Link Japan This site was started by someone from the US to spread the influence

Kotobukiya The company that makes the kits/statues, also has links to their international redistributors

Sadly the selections are limited and the good items tend to sell out fast.

Trying to find anything else related is a real pain or is region locked so you can't order/use it.

Yeah completely agree. Its not fair we have no physical - that just makes no sense.

Nothing really to show. Why Japan only.

You should forward this post to the devs. They need to understand there is a MASSIVE fanbase outside of Japan and we (in Global not just US) want merchandise too.

Probably similar to the Steam situation where different countries have different laws.

And countries like Australia been banning some anime/light novel related things lately.