Please don't gender-lock items in New Genesis

There was no "any other suggestions?" section in that outfits survey, so I'm posting about it here. There's no harm in letting people express themselves, especially when a big part of the endgame and monetization is the customization aspect.

Barring that, can we see a return of items like the Gothic Maid Furisode M, and the Ballooned Bosom? If nothing else, could you remove the limit on hairstyles? Outfits I get because of the obvious differences in character model proportions, but hairstyles? Come on.

in NGS and the graphic update coming to global youll be able to wear anything even cast parts if your not a cast and make your character look like any race in the salon

i has played the japanese server with the patch and previous betas so Hype train!

@ForensicMocha8 With the Graphics Engine Update, hairstyles, head parts, makeup, eyelashes, eyebrows, pupils, and face types will no longer have any lock to "gender"; however, body paint, cast parts, and outfits are still locked to the masculine- and feminine-type bodies, though you can freely switch between body-types in the Salon (in fact, you get 8 body-types to play with: PSO2 masculine humanoid, PSO2 feminine humanoid, PSO2 masculine CAST, PSO2 feminine CAST, NGS masculine humanoid, NGS feminine humanoid, NGS masculine CAST, NGS feminine CAST; they can all be modified interdependently as well).

ALL race/gender locks are removed in new genesis, and you can wear whatever you like. As the person above pointed out, however, that simply removes the restrictions from wearing them. They will still look the same when worn, no matter what race/gender you are- If you're a female character who wants to wear a male outfit, you can, though it'll still use a male body model for said outfit. Given our ability to edit proportions + use accessories, however, that shouldn't be a huge issue- you could probably make the different body types look fairly similar if you really wanted to.

@AndrlCh Do the salon passes still exist though?

@Yggranya Yep, the existing Salon Passes still work, you can still buy S Salon Passes/pay 100SG directly in the Salon, and the Free Salon Passes continue to be distributed.

You need to use one Free Salon Pass for each body-type you want to modify, though (you don't need a salon pass if you are just switching between body-types without making any <SG> changes). Having Premium and using an SG Salon Pass should let you modify each body type with one pass by going in and out of the Salon during the grace period, and I think you can get away with using a single Free Salon Pass if you don't use the discreet modifying option, but I'm not 100% on that one, and it may not yield the best looking results.

Also, just something to keep in mind, face modifying is not discrete, even between PSO2-type and NGS-type faces, so any changes you make to your face will effect ALL face variants.

The only new Pass is the N-Color Change Pass which is the only way to change the colors of the N-type layeredwear (as of right now, they are only available as scratch frequency bonuses in JP, as far as I am aware).

@AndrlCh Huh. I guess i should start saving those passes then. Thanks for the info.