I know the other server has these weird gigantic AC scratches that cycle out old otufits so their Lineup Ticket Pass items will never expire, but I'd still wanna put out the idea of just; having a direct-purchase catalog for everything that's over X years old or something. Even with the NGS remakes of outfits to support the new skeletons that we will have to rely on brand new AC scratch lineups to get coming down the line; it'd be very appreciated if we could just, buy a particular thing we wanted without having to buy 20 random things, like a normal storefront. Items from the catalog could be account-bound on purchase and non-recyclable if the suits up top are really scared about losing sales from the AC scratch, but something like that would help curb the serious "Fear of Missing Out" problems the cosmetic distribution systems in this game suffer from.

I wasn't sure if a suggestion like this has been brought up before, but I figured I'd get that out there, if only to put it in somebody's head.