Xbox Insider not working for cbt

I've been trying for half an hour to get the app to start to get in CBT ...but while it would open normally till about 2 hours ago nothing works. Restarting PC, reinstalling it ...and rebooting it many times nothing works. So basically I can't sign up because the frigging app won't start. Good Job making thousand of people using that as the only option so it will bottleneck it as I doubt it could manage so much traffic at once.

P.S. the error i gate is (tho I'm translating it from my language so it could be a little different) Error: Failed to retrieve Insider Content. error.jpg

I have the same error too. Pretty poorly executed considering the beta is "first come first serve". This might benefit some who weren't previously able to access it due to constraints, but will be a detriment to many more that planned around it. If they handle the beta this way I can only imagine the full game will be supported in a similar manner.

Yeah, considering the amount of people that would want it ...they should have expect this problem, it's a nobrainer and should have shared the traffic in other ways ...but like this ? ...I'm going to rate both the app and SEGA way of doing this in this way very poorly.

Ok, I saw the reply with the twitter message after I posted my reply, but my argument stand still ...they should have expected it would happen.

LOL... Should have started at 19:00 my time's now 21:23 and I still can't open the app....congrats on a fast solving of the problem.

ALL of my Xbox apps aren't working. I tried a million different things, reinstalled windows which broke the Windows Store too but then I fixed the permissions in Command Prompt but now I can't download anything and my start menu has "ghost apps"

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@Mattwo7 did you update Windows? depending of the version the apps stops working.

@Jamesmor My windows was already updated when I had the problems but I tried rolling it back as well but as I already said, right now my issue is reinstalling them and to be clear I updated Windows just a hour or so ago after reinstalling Windows.

If you just re-installed Windows properly and are having issues like this, your Hard drive or another piece of hardware is going bad. By the way, with a Windows Re-Install, it is best to reformat the hard drive and start fresh, then update Windows, followed by restoring any backups you made beforehand of important files. Then, re-install apps and games you need. If you just do an in-place upgrade to serve as a Windows Restoration, it won't solve any problems caused by your settings and potentially modified permissions and such. You would need a completely fresh slate.

Turns out all I had to do was reinstall windows again and the Windows Store works fully and because of everything I did before, everything else works now, go figure.

I'm just glad I figured this all out before I missed my chance.

Apparently it was not your problem...nor anyone else config/system. It just couldn't withstand the traffic the CBT sign-up generated. In fact many in Twitter got in just being patient and flooding the sign-up window. Myself finally got in at around 10 PM just refreshing/restarting the app quite a few times. Once again I say they should have expected this much traffic (as many said in twitter as well) ...First come first serve ? Expect a flood of requests in the thousand a second, and if you don't have the bandwidth/processing power to serve that many ...this is what happens.