XBOX INSIDER Hub just crashed and cannot display content.

Yea this isn't something I'm going to bother with at 3am, gg SEGA

So predictable. Sega are total noobs when it comes to anything online.

Wonder how many scalpers will show up at ebay selling new genesis global beta access. And people buying those accounts even though the beta is only for 48h.

Turns out the real beta we were signing up for was the insider app beta all along.

true they probably will sell the spots.

They also released the access 2 minutes early, I've been told that people got in at :58 instead of :00, which means that those of us who trusted Sega to stick to the timings lost out...

This is just further solidify the negative impression people have of the MS version so gg I guess.

Meanwhile those who learned their lesson the first time are like.

And this is after missing both JP betas.

...Yeah, they should've gone with random selection instead of this punishment. I'ma just go back to JP instead of dealing with this. I'm sure ARKS Layer will get their translation together sooner or later, to better results.

I really hoped. I really did. Even streamers can't get in, it's a shitshow.

This should have been a random lottery for those that registered for it. Now, barely anyone will get in.

add Helen Bathina

Wow, deja vu. Guess Sega really doesn't learn from their mistakes huh?

I literally took the day off to make sure i was able to sign up, together with my little sister. Or at least try to.

I was not expecting this. Not even i, and everyone knows in this forum how cynical i can be about the state of affairs.

Not even i expected this.

@Ryoga Would blame it more on xbox insider then MS store bought many games through it and only had 2 issues with it which seems fixed now.