I made an alliance Im trying to find the hq and trying to unlock alliance storage Any assistance?

The Alliance Room is accessed through the Block Selection screen, just like your "My Room."

@coldreactive okay thank you ill keep looking. How do I unlock alliance storage

@hypnoticfreak In your Alliance Quarters, there is a counter that you can go to where you can use your Alliance Points to unlock things like Alliance Storage. Also, you can go to both your Personal and Alliance Quarters from the Quick Menu (Press the View Button on your controller to open it).

According to PSO World, the following requirements are imposed on the JP version:

Team Storage Requirements

Team Level 2 with Team Room Unlocked
Common Members or higher ranking members.
Premium Set Users Only

Team = Alliance

The storage is considered "Trading" in a sense, so premium is required.

@coldreactive oops, I forgot alliance rooms existed. I have just been using my AP for +50 risking everything. I guess I should go learn the photon tree.