Free tails in character creation menu

Please if it possible, SEGA can add free tail preview or attach in character creation menu?!

There is a free cat tail in the gateroom, just do the quizzes from ARKS Mission Officer Astarte

Thanks for info! But it strange...

I want to prepare character for tail, I can't do it if can't preview tail in character creation menu....

Why SEGA can't add free to use tails in "Create character" menu? It can increase number of players who like tail))

@Demo-Hell The salon is the character creator. You can earn the free tail, and apply it for free, as accessories don't cost salon passes. Neither does changing hairstyles. That said, the tail in question, is designed to be more of a costume prop, than an actual tail sadly. Kind of hoping NGS introduces working tails later down the road.

If you do use the salon, pay close attention to what you change, as body morphing, like changing height or build, or face morphing like it's shape, will cost you Star Gems if you don't have a salon pass. Hairstyles, accessories, body and face paint and outfits are free. Outfit color swaps will require a color change pass.