I question if I'll find my same old fun...

Maybe some of you can help alleviate some of these worries...

So this is day 3 of the Open Beta and after that as well as the Closed Beta time I've been noticing some small things missing that are adding up to me wondering if I'll be able to continue the fun I had in PSO2JP!

First I noticed that I had not crafting menu in my room, though after a bit of research and joining conversations, it seems like maybe we are currently in a version that omits a few EPs. Some say we're only up to EP3 (maybe 4?). So I wait.

Second While finally getting to run through my TACOs I found that the VH TACOs were missing from Klotho's list of COs (so many acronyms 😲 ) I'm holding the benefit of the doubt that we are 3 days into Open Beta and not in full launch just yet. But it sure would be nice to run them, get my 2.5 mil meseta and then immediately blow it all in the player shops... On a side note to this one, with the TACOs being really the number one way of making meseta currently not giving much at all, some fun is drained from me. Oh, also I'm thinking that maybe I skipped something or missed something and somehow haven't had them unlocked @_@...

Third My Room tickets are behind paywall. Originally these things weren't strictly premium game feature, they were just something you needed to be lucky for, or something you needed to put the work in for (By running SHEQ {best would be seasonal event EQ} and picking up as many 10⭐ weapons, trading them in for ExCubes and then spending those on 3 day My Room tickets.) I had a lot of fun setting up my room in PSO2JP, spending my time shopping and working hard for the FUN and Meseta needed to get all of my furniture... but now there's simply no point. I'd rather not waste my FUN on luck.. I hope these will be changed back later on, it's a huge blow to the entertainment of the game.

Fourth This is just a small technical issue that I know is in the process of getting worked out but it's still something that is adding to less fun... AutoWords are not working still.... It was fun to teach my friends about them and help them set them up in such a way that wouldn't go off all the time and get in the way, so having them on the fritz is a big sad.

Anyway, all in all, I've had my fun and burned myself out a little (which is kinda what I was trying to do so I can have an easier time getting back to work 😥 ) But I'm worried I'm not going to have the same mindless fun and entertainment I would usually get. I won't get to go window shopping in the player shops because the millions of meseta required to feel like I can get anything fun or cool looking for my characters to wear won't be something I can just work toward. It'd take me a month just to get one decent outfit, and I'm not talking about the layered stuffs. And with the Pyroxene and rare stones not in the game, those shops are gone and all of the weapons and stuff that were in there are also gone, and so the grind for specific pyroxene and other stones from the Extreme Quests is totally moot, just do whatever is easiest and you'll get what you need....

Let me know if some of these things were actually removed from the original game near the end before coming over here if you know.. I had to stop playing somewhere at the start of EP 6...

Everyone enjoy the rest of the beta before launch! If you need help learning TACOs on Ship02, look me up and I'll teach you how to do them!

On your second point, Klotho's COs even on the JPN server no longer give that amount of meseta (he no longer has VH COs and his SH CO only gives 30k); he has instead been superseded by the Weekly ARKS Missions that unlock at lv50 (they give you ~2.01million per week), effectively making TACOs dead.

@AndrlCh Hmmm, I see. Another thing that changed after I had to stop u_u... I guess there won't be a point to the TACOs now huh? That's a big shame.. Thanks for the info though!

Even for episode 3 there seems to be quite a bit missing at the moment. Or maybe it just seems that way, I am not sure.

It just occurred to me why Crafting may be disabled currently despite it being originally added in Ep2: the lack of OT Weapons. The highest level of crafted OTs was equivalent to a mid-tier 11*, but the recent-ish addition of NT crafting has the highest level be mid-tier 14* with the lowest level being top-tier 12*. I imagine the choice was to omit the entire system for now rather than just omit the Weapon Crafting.

@coldreactive I see there's more here than I saw before, thanks! But this was less about noticing differentces or changes between the versions and things I missed out on changing while away from the JP Ships. Just, I guess me talking aloud about how I'm feeling about the game in its current beta state here in the west.

Removing My Room from the Excube shop seems like a push to make me buy premium.

VH TACOs no longer being a thing is sad, though I haven't actually seen the equivalent in the ARKS Missions yet so I'll need to check for myself. I can understand why it was done, it could make the old humdrum of running TACOs more exciting by having things change up each week, but again I have no idea what they would ask of me yet and have to look.

My fun was setting goals for things in the in-game shops, and as of now, a lot of the things I planned on working toward again just don't exist anymore. not sure if Pyorxene was done away with originally or not, but it just feels like there's less for me to be excited over at the moment. Hopefully that changes as more content is added during this beta time and more so after official launch when I have more of my friends to do things with.

It's more for convenience. Same meseta done in way less time.

Grind a item or desync for 605k Complete AQ/XQ or kill 100 enemies for 405k Complete quest of 200k for 1m

Can do that with Bal Rados to make it 1.25m

All that can be done in like 8-10mins per character

@redPG Ah I see, thanks for the input!!

That seems like it's going to be a little less fun, buuuut, I could also be suffering from Stockholm syndrome 😥

@A4Angel Pyroxenes and Stones from AQs and XQs were done away with on the JPN server and were turned into Camos available in the Photon Booster Shop, and this is also reflected in NA version.

@AndrlCh said in I question if I'll find my same old fun...:

@A4Angel Pyroxenes and Stones from AQs and XQs were done away with on the JPN server and were turned into Camos available in the Photon Booster Shop, and this is also reflected in NA version.

You can still get stone shop stones from Bonus quests. But we don't have bonus quests yet iirc.

@coldreactive Thus why I specified the ones from AQs and XQs. Other Pyroxenes/Stones are still available, like the ones from the Nightfaller Province/Kuron.