I don't play that much so I skip many of the urgent quests but still wanted to get the 200 Star Gems from the current Urgent Quest completion event(3/31 - 4/22). That's why I was happy to find out that the Swirling Inferno On The ARKS Sship can be finished really quickly.

I finished the quest 10 times on very hard in one go so I was happy because I had the challange star mission done as well. But when I went back to the lobby I was surprised that my visiphone was empty.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but the website doesn't state anything specific, it even says there is no difficulty requirement. Then toady I went ahead and did it again twice on superhard and once on extreme hard and still nothing.

If anything, I'm upset about the star gems because I am hoarding them for NGS and since the event is practically over I won't be able to get them.