More features to character customizations!

SEGA can add more character customizations?

More hairstyles, more face styles, the ability to add a tail of different shapes to the character!

There are over 361 more hairstyle options currently available between AC Scratch, FUN Scratch & SG Scratches that have released over the year, + there are plenty more that haven't released yet. You can preview some here: PSO2 Global Handbook

a tail would be an accessory, I know several are in-game (via the Scratches above), here are a few examples. Click the name to bring up an image.

Big Tail | Monster-Cat Tails | Dragon's Tail | Wagging Tail: Brown | Kitsune Tails: White | 3 Kitsune Tails | Stellar Tail | Squirrel Tail: Brown | Chrome Tail

@Church10129 thanks for your answer! how I can attach tail to character? I need install something to PC?? I tried to create demon(-summon) character and can't find tail selection menu((((

I can make own face textures or PSO2 no has feature to upload custom textures/models?

To get things like tails, animal ears, or other things, you just have to get the accessory tickets for them and use those like any consumable (The first time will character bind, using a duplicate will account bind), after that you can select them for your accessory slots in the salon or customize function in the menus (You can also adjust the size, position, and rotation of most accessories). As stated before the accessory tickets can be found in AC, SG, and FUN scratches, or you can search the Personal Shops for most of the tradable ones.

You have 4 accessory slots to put stuff on (Note: If you are in an alliance and use that accessory it overwrites slot 4), it may be a bit limited but there are ways to work around that, plus it might be a bit tricky to get items to look right, but that is half the fun.

I myself am using all 4 accessory slots on my main character 3 are for a flight pack and back mount cannons, the 4th slot is leg thrusters (I'm doing a custom mech theme on a male CAST), and my alt uses 2 slots all the time for her Fox Ears and MFDB Tail (I did a kitsune/fox girl here), the other slots are used as needed depending on the outfit.

@LazerRay thanks for answering.

I first-time play this game and don't know which means "AC, SG, and FUN scratches". This is not default feature ? Need buy this options using real cash $??


The red triangle A is AC which needs real cash, however items gotten from it, can be sold from player shops.

The rainbow S diamond is SG which can be earned in-game or purchased with real money.

The blue circle F is FUN which can be earned in-game, even just by logging in.

lastly the M in the square is Meseta which is the in-game currency.


You can access the Scratches from "Play Scratch Tickets" shown above.

Items gotten from AC and FUN can be sold on the Player Shops for Meseta, however you need a Shop Pass to sell to others.

Items from SG are bound & cannot be sold.

Fresh Finds Shop has items for SG & Meseta, its selection changes daily.

You can access Player Shops from this machine: Visiphone.


Thanks for answering!

But i from Belarus and not allowed to using PayPal? I can pay using VISA or MasterCard?

@Demo-Hell Whatever platform you are using (MS Store, Steam, Epic Games) should let you use your credit card to buy from them since AC and SG are purchased through those storefronts rather than directly in-game.