Google translate

Please add google translate (or another) features into ingame chat) for non English players.

better not, Google translate is good for a word and pretty small things but when it comes to phrases it won't work and throws stuff there that ends up meaning a complete different thing and instead of helping it will end up causing more problems.

Rather they add back the system PSO1 had or better yet the system FFXI had for bridging language barriers

there was evidence to support that they originally intended to have a more comprehensive word select system for PSO2: The structure of the text files seems to use an index system with multiple columns for different languages, the way the dragonkin language is rendered in textboxes is extremely reminiscent of a word select system; but I assume that functionality got scrapped when the dev team learned they were going to be focusing on isolated servers instead of a global network of servers.

Isao Okawa would probably be greatly disappointed in the executives that made that call

Я думаю проще подключить сервис для перевода (Microsoft/Google/... translate) что бы хотя бы примерно понимать о чём пишет другой игрок.

This is a good suggestion, but it would probably be Bing Translate if this ever came into play. 😂