*Crimson Slash Camo flame effect missing

The flame effect on the *Crimson Slash camo is not working during idle animation. It should look like so (JP Build for reference):

alt text

However, it looks like this(NA Build) :


Yes, my settings are fully maxed. The effect is missing, the texture was probably not implemented properly

Or it has something to do with the graphics update?

May I ask how you got the camo? I see that it drops from the Fire Swirl UQ but does it drop from regular mobs? Or does it drop from freeing the NPCs from the fire? Also, does it drop directly to inventory if Auto-Pickup is enabled?

@Anne-Sibyl emergency trial reward is how i got mine

Ohh I see, thanks!

My friend just got one too and the flame effect is missing as well, if that helps any. Hopefully the effects on weapon camos will be better in NGS 😞 I saw another thread the other day complaining about how the Blade of Genesis effects are also toned down for whatever reason https://forum.pso2.com/topic/3820/blade-of-genesis-tsukuriyo-has-it-s-visual-effect-greatly-reduced-from-the-jp-version-why/8