Cradle of Darkness's Blood Rain

If you purposely fail the Bayze portion of the Cradle of Darkness mission, it will rain blood and slowly damage the entire 12-person party. However does the weather effect follow the rules of weather effects in general when it comes to boosting PSE buff rates?

Like in Naverius, if it rains the PSE buff drop rates seem to happen alot more frequently, and the opposite effect happens when there's a fog. Since it only rains in Cradle when you fail the Bayze sub-mission, does that mean the PSE boosts also increase for the duration of the first portion of the mission?

I wouldn't call it a weather effect, more of a side effect if anything. Like how the falzspawn bombs explodes when time runs out or when a trapped lillipan goes to space when hit. The bayze can appear in just about any free field aside from Earth & Omega, to my knowledge it has no effect on PSE. However it may be possible to farm the constant appearing enemies caused by the bayze to build a PSE.