innerwear is going to wast on NA servers unless we get outits to let us show them off.

I think pso2 NA needs a lot of outfits to let us show off the collection of innerwear with because right now there are a lot of different styles of them in the shops, but we do not have any outfits that will let us show off the whole innerwear so all of the time that the creators & designers has put into making the innerwear has gone to wast and they may not be too happy to hear this too if i tell them that they wast there time and money to come up with innerwear looks, but no one can show them off.

PSO2 may even start making more money if they add a way for us to show off the innerwear in the NA pso2, and the designers of the innerwears will not feel hurt or sad that there time has not gone to wast making them for us. 😿

PS: it is no different than showing off bikini's in game, so why not.

While I don't particularly disagree, I'm sure the creators & designers of the Innerwear are fully aware of how it appears in-game, as inner wear started appearing in the JP servers around January 28th, 2016 (the start of EP4), so whatever concerns you may have for them, have already been experienced for years, plus whenever JP showed off a new outfit for an upcoming scratch they'd always show how it looked together & then a side by side of the Ou, Ba. & In. As shown in this video from January 17th, 2016 on the Official JP PSO2 Youtube channel.

@Church10129 Yes, and I want to be able to wear the same kind of outfits the JP servers do like the