pso2.exe stoped workin.

I dont know why but all of a sudden my pso2.exe stops working the moment i select my character and get the loading screen for entering the game. This happened yesterday right after i did the Sodam Ultimate Quest and i played without problems before that (even did the Primordial Darkness UQ before). After redownloading and checking/fixing files the problem is still there and i am all out of options here.

I dont run any programms in the background except the ones i always use (like Discord,YouTube,Media Player) and the game wasnt bothered by it before so thats not the issue. I also dont run Macros except my Mouse buttons which are supported by the game itself in the option menu and that also never was an issue.

Any ideas ? I am really frustrated right now.


Deleting the Item Cache seems to be the all around solution these days. <.<