Customize feature and consumption of tech disks

Currently my rabarta is level 6 and in my inventory I have a rabarta level 10 disk. When I go to customize my weapon pallet and try to assign Rabarta to a rod, it asks me if I want to learn Rabarta 10. Is this intended behavior, that the disk gets consumed if current skill level < disk in inventory level?

Customized disks (From crafting) don't have a level other than the level of customization potency. Standard techs and PAs are overwritten by their highest level, period. There's no way to revert it as there's no need.

@Rantious Probably, this is an intended behavior. Wasn't there an upward mark on Rabarta when you are going to set it to the weapon pallet? I think the system is aware that you have a better disk to learn and asking just for kindness. If you answered "no", you can set Rabarta without updating its level, I suppose.

I haven't heard of this feature, so bought a level 10 Gizan to have an experiment on my own. Indeed, it was an interesting experience! 😃