Missing Zig & Photon Booster Camos

I'd like to ask for some missing Camos from both Zig & the Photon Booster Exchange.

I'd like to see the rest on the camos on that image(link *Coated Weapon) added to Global in some way or form like the * Heart of Steel & * Rengokuto Ensa have been.

•Additionally with the addition of the PSO2es Scratches (AC Scratch: ARKS Elite & AC Scratch: Lethal Designs) I'm hoping we can have the Creator's Emblem es Weapon Camo *Roto=Raut added to global too.

•Onto the next part: The Photon Booster Exchange Shop (Photon Drop Swapper) its come to my attention several camos from the JP camo are still missing, ones I personally feel they should of came out prior to our special Photon Booster Camos. These missing camos were added to the JP client Photon Booster Exchange March 25th, 2020 alongside the release of Divide Quests, though Global has had an accelerated update schedule these camos have been forgotten. I'd like to kindly request these camos (linked to "These missing camos" above) be added to global.

*Note all linked camo names are linked to their respective images aside from Coated Weapon, Roto=Raut & "These missing camos" which link to cropped images from the JP client. The AC Scratches are also linked to their respective pages.

Completed Requests

•The *Coated Weapon its a 9 type weapon camo that made by combining the 9 existing Coated Weapon Camos *Coated Edge, *Coated Doubliss, *Coated Sabre, *Coated Glide, *Coated Assault, *Coated Barrel, *Coated Rod, *Coated Talis, *Coated Verge & 10 Artisan's Seals. I'd to see this camo added to Global now that the story has concluded, it would be nice to have this special Coated weapon available to us. Edit It was just annouced to be added to Zig 4/27/2021.

@Church10129 said in Missing Zig & Photon Booster Camos:

The *Coated Weapon its a 9 type weapon camo that made by combining the 9 existing Coated Weapon Camos

I remember seeing this announced in advance of its JP release, and building up my Coated collection on the anticipation that we'd get it. It'd be nice if we did!