error 816, how fun (EDIT IN CAPS) I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK??

i had someone commit fraud with my debit card and steam as a result restricted my account, and from that, pso2 gave me the big ol error 816. i emailed them and they got back to me fairly quickly saying theyd look into it, but im not keeping my hopes up if nothing gets resolved; it was nice playing with you guys. thanks for the great times on here.

EDIT I got my account back???? I received nothing back from PSO2 support but hallelujah IM BACK???

Wait what?

The only way for your account to be on lock down is if you called your bank to refund your money from pso2.

If you didn't do that then your account wouldn't be on lockdown. Did you do that?

nope, steam wrongfully refunded it from my account when i asked for the fraud to be removed. but i reversed it since realizing and nothing has come from it unfortunately.

@odnoliub said in error 816, how fun:

nope, steam wrongfully refunded it from my account when i asked for the fraud to be removed. but i reversed it since realizing and nothing has come from it unfortunately.

That doesn't seem right to me. Normally on fraud cases you're forced to keep what was spent with steam. Unless they changed their rules you would have to specifically tell steam what games were not purchased by you since microtransactions normally can't be undone.

This is just the first time I've heard of this happening for any online service game with microtransactions. Sorry if it seems like I'm calling you a liar. Even either hacked accounts or fraud on a card refunds on digital purchases are normally abandoned unless a lawsuit for it is filed with companies like steam.

there was fraud committed on my account and i called my bank to have it reversed, they reversed the wrong ones, which were pso2 microtransactions, and from that they 816'ed me, i called to have it undone as soon as i realized but the damage was already done haha dont worry about it, i know its super convoluted and confusing haha

Alright I see the big picture now. You DID call your bank to undo it, but they undid something you personally bought.

A support ticket should fix this. Can take some time, but you'll get your account back I'm sure. They'll likely just ask you to buy the AC again and they'll manually remove the lock on your account.

yepp, i sent a ticket but ive seen so many cases of 816's being ignored and death sentences for accounts, i told them im completely willing to pay everything back; so hopefully you're right! 😄

Unfortunately, @odnoliub is right. A Steam red flag means Sega is gonna lock down the account until Steam writes in blood that the account is absolutely cleared and in good standing.

@FANtasyStarOnline yep, my restrictions are lifted, so if the support team doesnt get back to me, im gonna go through steam in some way. and if that doesnt work, imma take it to the higher ups- some how

@Zeke This isn't how Sega has historically dealt with Fraud (no offense @odnoliub I'm not saying you did fraud), at least not according to the flood of posts on Reddit and even this forum. When Microsoft or Steam put that player on the fraud payment list, that's been the end of that player's PSO2 account, (I'm sure the same goes for Epic). Not one of those players have been welcomed back and asked to just "pay" for the item.

@FANtasyStarOnline no offense taken at all; dont worry though, im not one of those gross scammers. 200+ hours, 100s of dollars into this game, i want nothing more than to support this game, but unfortunately because of middle men like steam, i may never play again. :,)

I guess the only option is to ask Steam to check and then double check that the account has full purchase access again. I don't know how Steam tells Sega, but hopefully if there's a "Fraud" flag, there is also a "Not Fraud" flag?

@FANtasyStarOnline I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK!!!???