NP1013 Error fix list

Hello. I'd like to compile a fix list for the dreaded NP1013 error. If you've had the issue and tested your fixes, please post here!

What is NP1013? Basically this:


GameGuard detected something it thinks is a cheat program and terminates the client.

I'm not super smart, but a lot of people are. I just like helping out. I'll start out with the fix that worked for me. I'll include the name or link of the fix here!

Symptom: PSO2 runs for a few minutes before crashing and giving the NP1013 Error!

Possible cause: Virtualizarion is enabled (by default on mine) in the bios settings. GameGuard doesn't like any form of virtualization.

Possible Fix: To disable this, load up your BIOS at computer start up (before your OS) and search for CPU settings. Under those, look for one mentioning virtualization.

Note: I recommend looking up videos on how to do this is you're new to changing these sorts of settings. Remember, all BIOS settings things are different, so you'll need to look around a little. If you're afraid you made a mistake and changed the wrong settings, there is generally a "Discard Changes" option.

Credit: @BlackDog

[Fix 2]




Worked for me, been having this issue for a minuuute. Thank you very much. And it doesn't seem to just be a temp fix either, left it on all night to be sure this time. Playing as we speak. Thanks to everyone who found this!

Here is another question to ask for those with the issue. Are you using Windows 10 Pro? If so, you might not even have to disable virtualization in the BIOS. With Windows 10 Pro and any higher like Enterprise, you might have virtualization enabled in the OS itself. Turning it off at the BIOS will make sure it doesn't get detected, even if it is enabled in Windows, though. With Windows 10 Pro, allyou have to do is go to the Control Panel, Open Programs and Features. Choose the option on the left to turn Windows Features on and off and make sure "Virtual Machine Platform" and "Windows Hypervisor Platform" aren't turned on.

Another issue people have with this NP1013 since the second or third week of April is Avast. For whatever reason, that is often a trigger for NP1013 for a lot of people since the update that second Tuesday when there wasn't maintenance on the game itself. Uninstalling that entirely also got rid of NP1013 for a lot of people