To JP players: Did SEGA fix the bugs yet in your graphics patch?

Hope we get a free salon pass when it hits even though I have loads.

Yes-ish. There is a new bug where using Ensembles in the Salon itself to switch between body-types (like using an Ensemble to switch between a Male CAST body to a Male fleshie body) will cause the body proportions to change drastically, though the changes don't seem to finalize unless you confirm them; as long as you switch to the right body-type before using an Ensemble, it is not really an issue. Also, you still cannot change body-types outside of the Salon using Ensembles (not even to switch between the same gender CAST and Fleshie forms like you can pre-update), though this may be the new intended behavior.

Also, they did give out free salon passes both when the graphics engine update was released (along with a Color Change Pass) and with each subsequent fix per character, so I don't see why they wouldn't do the same when it is released on global.

To some extent yes, but I had to go through all my Ensembles to resave them as it set all deumans to have default deuman horns. Character save/load is back.