Uncredited characters?

So I noticed in the final credits for classic PSO2 that there's a lot of characters who are still uncredited and wondering if there's any way for us to find out who voices the rest of the NPCs.

Personally I'm wondering if Karen and Ethan still have the same English VAs, they definitely don't sound as terrible as they did in PSU, which would make Ethan having the same VA be baffling considering his tiny portfolio.

Think it's also worth pointing out that Karen's VA mostly does live-action work and her acting as the Pink Time Force Ranger was just as lacking as her voice work as Karen (I thought it was just the suit footage but looking at this clip I realized that was... Not the case). That said she's gotten more work across the last decade (as opposed to Nick Tagas apparently not getting work since 2012) since PSU so it's entirely possible her overall acting skills have improved since then so I'd definitely at least be able to believe Karen has the same VA as before if this is the case.

Edit: I just checked a cutscene of Resident Evil Vedanta and nope, she still has trouble emoting with her voice in that one too and that's a decade and a year after PSU...

Also now that the SAO collab is coming I have to wonder if they'll actually get Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh to do the English voiceovers for Kirito and Asuna.

I felt whoever did Ethan did a good job mimicking Nick Tagas. I have a friend and have seen a comment from someone I don't know that are confident it's "obviously" Khoi Dao (Afin).

Haven't even heard anyone talk about Karen, but I'd be astonished if that's Erin Cahill.