Gane Crashes Upon Loading Lobby

I've... reinstalled the game several times over. I've troubleshot Game Guard, to the executuable and even checked the Event Viewer via the Windows OS. I still can't really figure why the game crashes every single time. I don't know what file is awry, but... As it stands, I can't play the game. So far, many things "check out" but the moment I go past character selection and try to log in, the game just crashes on the spot upon attempting to load. The program just terminates with no error code whatsoever for me to go off of.

Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?

started happening to me too after installing April 13, 2021—KB5001330 (OS Builds 19041.928 and 19042.928)<-that windows 10 update, haven't heard about a solution yet

after redownloading everything, turns out I just had to delete the item cache in users/username/documents/sega/phantasystaronline2....there should be an item named item_name_cache_na.dat deleting that solved my issue(for now), guess it got corrupted somewhere

Whoa! That did the trick! I never woulda guessed it was that file within documents that got corrupted! Thanks!