Audio sounds distorted like a screeching sound

Whenever I'm in a 12 man mission the sound will randomly cut out and start making this screeching sound even when I have the game itself completely muted at 0 volume for everything. Occasionally I'll even hear things like item pickups or technics go off when it screeches at me randomly. I've used 3 different speakers 2 which are powered by a EVGA sound card and another which is usb and requires no additional software. I've also tried to verify the game integrity multiple times. Any known work arounds?

By any chance is this on missions like Cradle?

Most people me included get that too I believe, it's almost seemingly guaranteed to happen on the 2nd part of Cradle Map when Gwana and Dark Ragne spawn, though it happens in various other areas too, especially if Photon Blasts are involved.

By the way for you and anyone else who may find this topic in the future, from my understanding its the game failing to apply your sound settings in time of the new SFX being created, so you get a spurt of "full blast" the further you have your sound settings closer to 0 and less noticeable closer to 100, with all settings at 100 it doesn't happen.

Its really silly this is a thing.