[Dead] Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!

@BONKERS said in Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!:

There are items I want from Astral

It's probably worth checking if those items are in permanent; thanks to Rewind: Heroes and Heroines we can reasonably safely assume that as long as we get it at all which should really have been confirmed as a bare minimum before Astral Guardians ended because we've only been asking for 5+ weeks that it'll have the same prizes as listed here.

IMO the biggest omissions are three emotes: Xiao Pose, Alis Pose and Stratos Pose.

Of course it could still emerge that we won't get it at all, which would really suck to find out after Astral Guardians is gone.

@OmegaNeo said in Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!:

lol why SG support scratch now? This would have made much more sense if...

I don't disagree but this topic isn't for that I'm afraid.

It's finally arrived in the game, alongside the outstanding three permanent scratches.

Unlike pretty much every other scratch announcement in the last 15 months, it wasn't announced in advance at all, and still hasn't been tweeted about. The announcement was published the minute it arrived in the game. Almost two months of asking for confirmation it was happening before Astral Guardians ended, and we didn't get any notice at all.

And as one last act, it doesn't even have a three-week 30% discount like JP did, because unlike other mechanisms that are migrating over to JP format for permanence (like Treasure Shop) we didn't get the choice ticket migrated to use SG Recycle Badges. This also means if you have dozens of excess recycle badges lying around, they're useless compared to JP players who could instantly get a lot of items of choice.

But at least it's finally here. A fittingly miserable end to both SG Scratch on Global PSO2 and this topic.