[Dead] Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!


To bring an end to its main series of 6-monthly sets of SG scratch content, JP has just added a fantastic Permanent SG Scratch that contains a lot of the most desirable content from all of those sets.

This suggestion requests that Global receives this scratch, as close as possible to the form that it exists in JP (with the obvious exceptions of any content that was migrated to another source on Global, or does not exist on Global such as voice tickets) and ideally as soon as possible.

As a secondary action, it requests confirmation that Global will receive Permanent SG Scratch in the future, most critically before any potential changes to its prize list. It would be really useful if this confirmation was received before Global's Astral Guardians set departs on 25 May so players can decide whether to scratch Astral Guardians or get items they want from it from Permanent SG Scratch later on to save vast amounts of SG.

Bonus request: When JP got Permanent SG Scratch, they also got a 30% SG Scratch discount campaign for 2 weeks. It'd be wonderful if Global got the same if and when we get Permanent SG Scratch!

Why is Permanent SG Scratch so good?

On JP players originally got to enjoy each of their ultimately nine main SG Scratch sets in isolation, with 6 months to earn SG and with small prize pools. This meant if a look they wanted involved, say, 6 items, they could comfortably earn the SG to scratch it 80 or 120 times in isolation and the small prize pools meant each item had a 1-3% pull rate rather than 0.3-0.7% which (thanks to compound probability) virtually guaranteed they'd get so many parts of the set that the choice tickets could be used to pay to complete the sets.

The subsequent combination revivals JP got mashed together two sets which halved the drop rate of everything in it and still needed 40 scratches for a choice ticket. This meant it was no longer viable to get some of the items you wanted from the scratch results directly, and you essentially had to expect to pay 3200 SG for every item you wanted. Sadly these are the sets Global got with Fallen Heroes, Mother's Disciples and Astral Guardians. The only exception is Versus Annihilation, which was still a combination of two of JP's sets with all the same drawbacks, but it was newly created just for Global.

JP have since run one or two huge revival SG scratches with most if not all of the previous sets' content and still needing 40 scratches for a choice ticket, but last week they added a Permanent SG Scratch which likely brings an end to their time-limited SG Scratch sets until their potential return for New Genesis content when that releases.

For the first time, Permanent SG Scratch set only needs 25 scratches to get an item of choice. This means despite the giant prize pool making it even more unlikely that you'd get anything you wanted from actually scratching, the cost of scratching enough to get an item of choice is now only 2000 SG - a 37.5% reduction.

(They also have a 30% discount campaign lasting two weeks which reduces this further to needing just 17 scratches per choice item which means 1360 SG per item and a fantastic 57.5% reduction!)

In summary:

  • JP original sets: Small prize pools + 1-3% chance per desired item + 40 pulls per choice ticket = Scratch normally, get most desired items from pulls and use choice tickets to complete sets = Good! ✔

  • JP combined revivals: Large prize pools + 0.3%-0.7% chance per desired item + 40 pulls per choice ticket = Basically forced to pay 3200 SG for all items in a set = Bad! ✖ (This is all Global has ever known!)

  • JP huge revivals: Massive prize pools + 0.15-0.45% chance per desired item + 40 pulls per choice ticket = Really forced to pay 3200 SG per desired item = Bad! ✖

  • Permanent SG Scratch: Huge prize pool + 0.25-0.5% chance per desired item + 25 pulls per choice ticket = Basically forced to pay 2000 SG per desired item = Good! ✔ (Add in a temporary 30% discount for 1360 SG per desired item = Super good!)

Why does haste matter?

Ultimately provided Global gets Permanent SG Scratch at all, it wouldn't matter if it got it earlier or later, right? Wrong.

Reason 1: As with other Permanent Scratch setups JP has been adding to the base PSO2 side of the game lately, there is a detail that warns players that the contents may change in the future. Google translates the Permanent SG Scratch version of this text as such:

When the delivery period or contents are changed, we will notify you again on the player's site etc.

So while it has not happened yet (Permanent Scratch is a new setup even on JP), there is every chance that the prize pool may update and remove items that Global players want. JP and Global may see their Permanent Scratch contents mirrored once they arrive on Global; this means if the prize pool is refreshed before Global gets Permanent SG Scratch, Global could miss a lot of desired items that may not return for years if ever.

Reason 2: Two of Global's four combination sets are still ongoing; Astral Guardians ends on 25 May and Versus Annihilation much much later on 10 August. If players only want items from either of these sets that are presently in Permanent SG Scratch on JP, they would be able to save a TON of SG if they had confirmation Global was getting Permanent SG Scratch with those prizes. This knowledge may be mistaken as some kind of unfair advantage compared to JP, but considering only JP had these items in small prize pools before it would not be unfair.

Without Permanent SG Scratch being either confirmed to be happening or added outright prior to the departure of Versus Annihilation (meaning Global would arbitrarily have to wait 4 more months and potentially until after New Genesis releases), when that set comes towards its end Global players will be forced into an unpleasant dilemma: Do they burn through 3200 SG per item they want knowing they may become available for 2000 SG each days after Versus Annihilation ends, or do they risk waiting for a Permanent SG Scratch Global may never get, or whose prizes may change when Global gets it, meaning they can never get the items they wanted?

And if Permanent SG Scratch is to be added or confirmed prior to the conclusion of Versus Annihilation, you're already overlapping the combination sets with Permanent SG Scratch, so why not just add or confirm it before the conclusion of Astral Guardians on 25 May as well?

Known differences

Most obviously, the choice ticket setup on JP and Global has historically differed for SG Scratch. On JP you always needed to exchange 40 SG Scratch items (or the SG Recycle Badges they could be turned into) at the SG Swap Shop to pay for a choice ticket. On Global you simply got given a choice ticket for free on every 40th scratch in each set. Both systems have benefits over the other (on JP you could do 20 scratches in two different sets and get a choice ticket, on Global you don't need to sacrifice tens of SG Scratch items per choice ticket).

This change could either be preserved (so Global's version of Permanent SG Scratch gives a choice ticket every 25 pulls) or Permanent SG Scratch could be the opportunity to transition Global onto the JP setup. I would actually recommend the latter; principally it's another move towards parity between the servers. But it would also allow Global players to use SG Recycle Badges from prior sets as JP have been able to do, and enable a discount campaign like JP presently enjoy. Missing out on these would be considerable disadvantages!

The prize list on JP contains items that Global has never had before, most notably from the one 6-month set that Global never had which included the layered wear versions of Lark Barbatos and Ilois Alcuria. Global has only seen these items in their outfit (not layered wear) form; they came from Mission Pass Season 3. Sega may wish to remove these from the prize list on Global on the basis they hadn't appeared before, but I don't believe that is necessary and assert that it would be fine for us to receive those.

I would mention the voice tickets that the main JP sets have had in their original and combination SG Scratch sets, which were always excluded from the Global equivalents. But! From what I can see, no voice tickets are in the Permanent SG Scratch prize list. So there would actually be nothing to remove from it! This could potentially be taken as a sign that the prize list was designed to be compatible with Global, but I wouldn't want to assume that.

In conclusion, there shouldn't be any need to change the prize list JP already have; we could get Permanent SG Scratch at any time without issue; it would be simple to port what JP presently have to Global with no changes at all.

And the earlier this is done, the better it would be for Global players which would go a long way towards finally and permanently resolving the issues we've always suffered when it comes to SG Scratch.

Bumping this.

Astral Guardians ends on May 26th, exactly two maintenances from now. If we don't have Permanent SG Scratch added or confirmed by then, Global players are going to be put in a horrible dilemma between potentially spending 3,200 SG on an item that gets reduced to 2,000 or even 1,320 SG days later (burning way more SG than the totality of recent SG campaigns!) or risking waiting for Permanent SG Scratch only for the item/s they want to be removed from the prize pool before Global gets it.

Checking the JP Permanent SG Scratch page again, it looks like four items at the top of the list - PSO2 music discs #250 through #253 - are labelled new. This might mean that the prize pool is already changing, and if so it's imperative Global gets this ASAP before something gets removed especially if it's something from Astral Guardians or Versus Annihilation that Permanent SG Scratch is supposed to have given players a chance to get.

JFI, the four new music disks has been there since when the SG scratch started on April 7th in JP. The tweet announced the release of this scratch mentioned about them.


If I remember right, at the point they added this SG revival scratch to the official update preview page, there was a notice about the addition of these four new disks.


So fortunately (?), there has been no change in the lineup.

Ah they were new to SG Scratch entirely with the creation of Permanent? I get it. Thanks!

I've crossed that part out of my post above, to highlight that the rest of the post is still a sensible bump reason; with a time limit before Astral Guardians in particular goes it's important that Global players are spared either wasting literal thousands of SG per item or risking the possibility of missing desired items permanently.

To remind, Global is getting New Genesis at the same time as JP. Recent campaigns to provide a relatively large amount of SG are to some extent aimed at giving PSO2 players a provision of SG going into New Genesis for whatever costs it'll have. JP have permanent SG scratch already so their players have an affordable source of PSO2 content to preserve more of that supply. If Global players are made to pay more SG for the same items before NGS launches, it'll undermine those campaigns and put us on an even worse footing than JP players going into NGS.

@Miraglyth I totally agree with the need of disclosure of the availability of SG permanent scratch in global. Indeed, global need that info badly.

But speaking of my personal preference, I'm not going to spend any SG on this SG revival, even if it comes to the global. I spent several choice tickets on various SG scratches, if I'm going to challenge this revival scratch, I have to face the risk of hitting the very item I used a choice ticket in the past. That'll be pretty demoralizing!

AC revival is fine, I'll be able to sell the duplicate item to earn some good deal of meseta. But in SG revival, I probably have to turn the item to an SG recycle badge. I'm not ready to face such a situation... 😢

@Fiona-Respha said in Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!:

But speaking of my personal preference, I'm not going to spend any SG on this SG revival

That's fair. The same way some players ignore SG scratch in its entirety, I'm not saying this affects all players. Just that for players that do care, getting Permanent SG Scratch ASAP will provide a significant, severe and dramatic SG saving that JP players have already been able to enjoy for 3 weeks more of the pre-NGS time.

Permanent AC scratch would be useful too and for separate reasons (if it contains the same content list then it would mean much of it becomes available in Global for the first time!) but that is not as time-critical as giving an update on the existence, content and recycle shop* of Permanent SG Scratch before the end of Astral Guardians on 25 May in particular.

* Keeping in mind that in the OP I suggested switching Global over to the JP mechanism of giving choice tickets for 25 SG recycle badges instead of as an automatic bonus every 25 scratches, as this would allow both prior SG badges to be spent on choice tickets and allow for a 30% recycle badge discount campaign like just ended on JP.

Yes, for people considering challenging the current SG scratches (Astral Guardian & Versus Annihilation), the availability of permanent revival SG scratch in the future will affect the use of several thousand SGs, maybe more than 10k. I hope global will announce about the future possibility quickly.

Bump. It would be good to know get an official reply about this as soon as possible.

@Miraglyth said in Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!:

Astral Guardians ends on May 26th, exactly two maintenances from now. If we don't have Permanent SG Scratch added or confirmed by then, Global players are going to be put in a horrible dilemma

Another maintenance goes by where not only does Global get nothing on this front but JP get ever more permanent AC scratches.

Please, is there anything I could be doing to help the question get through to Sega? News before next maintenance would be seriously useful and it feels like that isn't being conveyed at a time when JP are continually getting more content preservation without any of the deadlines Global has like Astral Guardians ending.

Talk to us GMs.

@Miraglyth said in Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!:

Please, is there anything I could be doing to help the question get through to Sega?

I submitted a request to make Mission Pass items available through other means. I feel that we ALL need to do so if we want any chance of being heard. https://support.pso2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Also, I hate to use the dreaded ping, but.... @GM-Deynger, could we please get some answers here? Not just with the permanent scratches, but with the state of the Mission pass? (As in, are those items just GONE FOREVER or will we have a chance to obtain them later down the road? Lamia set in particular has still been completely inaccessible to those who started with Steam's release...)

@Tarina said in Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!:

I submitted a request to make Mission Pass items available through other means. I feel that we ALL need to do so if we want any chance of being heard. https://support.pso2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Same here, though it was met with the standard boilerplate "Kindly be advised that we cannot share any unofficial statements with our players. What I can advise is to keep an eye on our official website and social media platforms for upcoming news and updates."

Fortunately we have since had Rewind: Heroes and Rewind: Heroines arrive which are perfect replicas of JP's first permanent AC scratches. It's surely too late to get Sega to change their plans for releasing permanent scratches now, but if we follow the JP order, pacing and content we should be getting permanent SG scratch with the same content set as JP's about an hour after the end of Astral Guardians. More importantly, with an announcement either 12 or 36 hours beforehand depending on when it's released. And with an outside chance of getting the same 30% discount JP had for 3 weeks when it arrived.

So... fingers crossed. Next week is going to be an important one for several thousands of our hard-earned SG.

Well... today is probably judgment day.

Last week we got the first two permanent AC scratches JP got. We can expect two permanent FUN scratches will be introduced next week when the current (and perhaps only) three-week FUN scratch ends, which would also be in-line with JP getting them as their third wave of permanent scratches. I'd have updated the topic last week but thanks to the FUN scratch timing it seems obvious the release schedule was set in stone.

This week will almost certainly be the start of either permanent SG scratch or the two permanent AC scratches for CASTs. The former would be in-line with the JP sequence and provide Global players with desperately-needed reassurance they won't have to burn thousands of SG unnecessarily and wastefully on the departing Astral Guardians to escape the risk that we won't get permanent SG scratch. The latter would spare CASTs waiting two weeks for a scratch that is a practical certainty.

If we get the CAST scratches, one will probably be announced in about 9 hours and the other 24 hours later. If we don't, then permanent SG scratch - and the end of months of anxiety - will likely be announced at one of these times.

Edit: Looks like it's the worse order; both permanent CAST scratches were just announced (male, female). Curious that they and the two permanent support scratches were all announced on Monday but I'm not expecting permanent SG scratch to be announced tomorrow before Astral Guardians ends. It'll probably come next week now. If so it'll be one week too late to give Global players any kind of reassurance. Madness...

Madness indeed. There are items I want from Astral that i've been trying to scratch every chance I could get with the bog slow drip of SG in game. I've spent some money even,more than i'd like to admit. And I still haven't gotten the exact items I want. I've gotten an asinine number of duplicates of items I didn't want. I just bought some more SG, but i'm afraid whether to try and spend it to get the items one last time or waiting for some kind of news... The announcement of the support scratch is nice but 100SG? Ooof...

@BONKERS said in Please confirm and/or add Permanent SG Scratch ASAP!:

The announcement of the support scratch is nice but 100SG? Ooof...

TBH it should have been 100 FUN points given that they just announced the removal of one of the major sources of SG from base PSO2 (and potentially other ones too later on down the line).

lol why SG support scratch now? This would have made much more sense if they launched it earlier on EP6, not now when NGS is right around the corner.