View on the recent Survey Campaign

Since I don't know if this fits more here then another sub-forum, I'll be putting this here as I feel it is the best fit.

With Sega putting up a survey campaign that focused very lightly on both PSO2 and POS2:NGS and not taking full potential of a more thought out survey on the community's thoughts about the two games.

I was surprises that they didn't ask more more details on how we ranked PSO2 and PSO2:NGS, and I think asking about music artists and nothing else about how we see PSO2 or PSO2:NGS was not a great thing in finding out more about the players and how they'll react to NGS, now I can get they may want to be approaching a few music artists for PSO2:NGS's concerts, but I believe it should of focused more on PSO2 and PSO2:NGS, then potential music artists (and you know some players will dislike certain music artists enough they'd not stick around).

Now If I made the survey I would of been asking about; What I thought of systems I'd heard of in NGS and list them? (i.e region mags), Systems I'd of liked returning from PSO2 into NGS that are heard to be absent? (i.e personal quarters), What systems in NGS do I think are an improvement over the Original from what you heard? (i.e. Augment transfers) What is thing that you'd like to see happen for PSO2:NGS (i.e. Steam Proton Support)

The other thing I would of asked was What platform do you mainly use (if PC, state OS, Digital Distribution Service and Reasons why) Asking this one would give insight into aspects you'd of missed otherwise, and might point to other opportunities for the game.

Now I do hope the next survey they do is one that really aims to get a better idea on the thoughts of the community with its hopes and views for and on PSO2:NGS and PSO2.

I like surveys because it shows that they actually looking for feedback. That being said I was rather disappointed with this one, only two questions were related to the actual game and only the later one gave you the option to clarify your answer which makes me question how much value they can actually get out of it.

I would also be interested in the resultes of the previous survey. Jp makes the resultes if their surveys public iirc.

@Ryoga At least when it comes to NGS, I'm sure we'll have a more relevant survey after the NGS beta.

@Ezodagrom That's another issue as the sample size is not reflective of the player base as a whole, only those who participated in the beta will be able to participate in the survey even tho these betas are going to give more than enough informations (though streams etc.) to make another survey for non participants to get their feedback on what has been shown.

Also, a player survey two weeks to one month after the official release of NGS would probably be able to provide more valuable informations than what the beta survey is going to provide but I suspect that they just get some feedback form the beta testers and call it a day.

@Ryoga I dunno how they'll handle this in the west, but at least on the JP version surveys were fairly frequent early on, in the first 6 months of JP PSO2 there were 2 surveys.

I find it likely that the first year of NGS may have multiple surveys on the JP side, hopefully the EN community team will also give us an opportunity to participate in EN versions of those surveys.

I found the music artist part disturbing personally 😬

Now I really hope Quna comes back 😓

At least they are honest on what feedback they are collecting though. We may get a NGS related one after launch maybe

@Azure-Zero The survey was literally about artists and musicians. The first line on the article is literally: "We want to hear from ARKS Operatives that are also fan artists or musicians!"

The funny thing is after discussing it in an earlier topic about Global CBT feedback I was considering posting a topic to discuss suggestions for what survey questions the PSO2 developers could be asking their players to get the best input from the beta periods and best rework and tailor New Genesis prior to its release.

So when this survey suddenly appeared I was wondering if it would have anything along the lines of what I'd been thinking about... and it's mostly about musicians? I mean... it makes for an interesting subject for players to discuss, but I don't see how a survey like this will do much good for PSO2. Especially Daft Punk; asking players if their favourite artist is a group that split up last month just feels like a waste of time lol.

So what was the purpose of this? Are they trying make a pitch for an investor or an agent to consider running virtual shows on Halpha's stage? When the survey was this skewed towards music stuff I'd honestly be concerned it'll set up a misleading output. "95% of players surveyed named a favourite musician!" is pretty a easy outcome to set up with a survey that is almost entirely a checkbox list of artists, after all.

More than that, the sequencing of the survey - its only New Genesis question was at the start and with a free text entry that's historically more difficult to collate any consistent responses from - has me doubting that the New Genesis portion of the response will even be looked at. It felt a little like it might be a trap to get NGS-hyped players interested in the survey, you know?

@Miraglyth I'm not sure what the purpose is either. It's actually not even about "favorite musician" OR the music itself, it actually asks if you are familiar with the names. Sounds kind of pointless to me. You could know a bunch of names from one genre but that doesn't tell you anything? Are they collecting which genres have the most well heard names? How does this benefit NGS or even benefit in picking music?

Anyway, hope they stick to the same style as before regardless of what this is for.

I was answering game soundtrack stuff until I saw what all that other stuff after was, if I had known I would of just written Quna and the Daytona dude. Personally I won't care to see any famous musicans crop up on stage unless its very Sega related like Crush 40.

Considering how they directly just asked about all these names I have full expectation they are dead set on doing something with someone famous already for NGS concerts either way.

@Ezodagrom said in View on the recent Survey Campaign:

@Ryoga At least when it comes to NGS, I'm sure we'll have a more relevant survey after the NGS beta.

Yeah, great way to get a proper sample of the beta running it only from ONE global platform, and to top it off is the one that has the most hate. For the beta, I would of done steam, or all platforms, not just the MS store.

@Azure-Zero I would have preferred the beta to be on Steam as well, but, that's business, most likely Microsoft influenced the beta to be Win10 store only.

Also it's easier for them to handle everything in a single platform, after all they're using Microsoft's built-in system to handle beta invitations (the insider hub). Steam does support something like this as well but this Steam feature is pretty recent and it's still in beta. No idea if the Epic Store has such a feature yet though.

One platform absolutely makes the most sense so they can manage applications and the invite quota. They could probably have set that up via a separate system and issued limited access codes or something, but if they found the Insider Hub route to be more straightforward to set up (and more importantly, more easily linkable to live accounts for the purposes of reward distribution) I would expect that to be a more realistic cause for the decision than any influencing by a platform holder to host a beta they'd gain little to nothing from.

Well I got pretty excited when MY FIRST STORY was on the list because I listen to them almost daily. REVIVER is such a good song, I’d love to hear that in game!

But I don’t want to give up Quna

@Ezodagrom Steam has been able to handle betas for over a decade fine. It's definitely Microsoft trying to get more members for there platform. I mean we have a Microsoft store exclusive cosmetic promo going on right now with it. It could of been "Windows 10/Xbox" since they are both Microsoft products but it's clear they want people using the Microsoft Store.