Final Battle: Primordial Darkness Sodam Solo (Help, Tips, and Tricks)

The Global PSO2 server has finally gotten one of the final endgame quests - "Final Battle: Space-Time Interstice". Seeing as this quest can drop many very desirable things for everyone, but can be rather challenging (especially in the later depths), I have made this thread to provide a convenient place for experienced players to share their wisdom, and inexperienced players to find said wisdom!

That said, why should you want to run this quest? First, it's drops are quite nice. In addition to being able to farm some Darkstones without having to wait for a UQ or trigger, Solo Sodam can also reward you with 15* Agile weapons, 13* all-weapon camo replicas of older weapon series, and some desirable SGA capsules, such as S1: Augment Will 2. The quest also gives garunteed first-clear rewards for every 5th depth - More SGA capsules (such as the much-desired S8: Skydance Support for clearing depth 80), Klauz eyestones, and a lot of star gems. You can clear the quest 10 times a day, and there are a total of 100 depths, so unlike Masquerade, these rewards are well within reach - if you can defeat Sodam, that is!

In addition to it's rewards, we will also soon recieve the hardest urgent quest in all of PSO2. This quest is a 4-man rematch with Primordial Darkness Sodam, and it is extremely difficult. From what little we've seen, it appears that this quest is harder than maximum depth solo Sodam, so all 4 players being able to clear depth 100 solo Sodam is likely an absolute must. The rewards for clearing this nightmare of a challenge, however, are incredible - this quest may have the highest drop quality in the entire game.

So, now that you're (hopefully) motivated to get out there and defeat Sodam, you're going to want as much help as you can get to make this fight as easy as possible! I'll start with a very common tip I've seen around: use the Weak Point Damage Up drink instead of Shifta Drink. As long as you're hitting Sodam's weak point (it's chest, which is where lock-on will target), it will be stronger than Shifta Drink. The Weak Point Damage Up effect can be received randomly from the Random Drink, which is at the very bottom of the drink vendor.

Just found out a super useful tip for Luster players from this video! After forward step guarding, you will be placed too close to Sodam - another step guard will put you behind him (and make you lose damage from not hitting weakpoint+sodam not aiming at you), and may even put you too close to him to even be able to get hit by his attacks.

The solution to this is to use Stay Scatterslug immediately after a forward step guard, because it will move you back slightly - just enough to be able to use forward step guards on repeat, and to have less situations where you move away from Sodam's weak point.

(Before this, I was using hollow point to fill the space between guards. I'm not sure why I didn't think of Scatterslug - the fact that it pushes you back probably turned me away from it entirely long before this. But that very property is back to shine!)