CBT - MS Store exclusive.

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while Steam beta features are limited in that the only way to lock out a beta is through a single use password...

Note that Steam does have a feature similar to the insider hub, but that feature is pretty recent and is still in beta:


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To my knowledge, JP hasn't even had any console betas yet.

Yep, the JP NGS beta was also PC only.

Wasn't pso2 PC only for its beta as well for JP?

@Zeke Yeah, but the PC version was the only version at launch.

The Vita version was only released half a year after the PC version, and the PS4 version was only released 4 years after the PC launch.

what i think is its funny as hell is that when i try to launch the game using the windows 10 launcher it wont actually launch the game B^P it just flashes and brings up the launcher again and again. so yea this is just stupid and they should not have any more exclusive events like this and just make it global on all platforms.

doing it this way is a real good way to piss off a lot of people. there was a reason so many begged for a steam launcher in the first place, windows 10 was broken and apparently it still is.

The prizes were the same for all the CBT rounds in JP: New Rappy accessory and Stamp.

The only thing you'll actually miss is the play money for the Scratches.

I have a question regarding the NGS Closed beta which is happening through the Xbox Insider Hub. I recently downloaded the xbox app & Insider hub app in the unlikely hopes of trying to get into the closed beta, however the insider app is completely empty of content. Is it updated when a beta becomes available, such as NGS, & does it only update for games have downloaded on the Microsoft store?

@Krinos They didn't get any info but I'd assume it'll just manifest there at that time. Also, it's first come first serve interestingly so as long as you're there when it starts you'll probably get in.