CBT - MS Store exclusive.

@Riesz Do you really think MS would allow for SEGA to host the game on "some microsoft page"?

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@Riesz Do you really think MS would allow for SEGA to host the game on "some microsoft page"?

Whatever dude Idk why you're telling me what Microsoft would and wouldn't do. I don't care about that. I was just saying that this wasn't a good decision to make after the bad reputation the MS Store has with PSO2 (they were fixed? Great, still doesn't mean the issues won't reappear with NGS too). I don't care whether Microsoft would agree or not. And I don't even know if you agree or disagree with their decision because all you've said is what Microsoft would or wouldn't do (whether you agree with how they think is a entire different thing though).

@Riesz That's not how the real world works, a company can't just do whatever they want, they have agreements that they have to fulfill. It doesn't matter what you care about, SEGA would not be allowed to host the beta on "some microsoft page", period.

@Ezodagrom Telling people a company wouldn't do something adds nothing. Thanks for the pointless argument, bye.

@Riesz Same for making a suggestion that is clearly impossible, such a suggestion adds nothing.

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And this is still nothing compared to Xbox users who can't take part no matter what.

Except it is as the same logic you used to be dismissive of those who don't have Windows 10 can be applied here: "I view that as a rather trivial limitation considering the vast majority of people probably have one.". Sounds about right, no?

Do you think anyone who plays on Xbox, would be playing on Xbox if they had a pc capable of running base pso2, never mind beta ngs?

Theirs horrendous load times, lag, awful frame rate if a block is even remotely full, just to name a few examples. The people playing on Xbox are playing it there cause they have no where else to play it. Their might be some that use their Xbox from time to time who play on pc, but I guarantee their first choice would still be pc, and would only be playing on Xbox cause the they can’t get to their pc for whatever reason.

Correct. I play on xbox because... getting off couch... making it to pc... nnnggh too hard.

I'm bummed about the CBT being PC only, makes sense though from a development perspective. The JP CBT was also the same way. In normal circumstances I'd build a new PC to take part, but PC components are too expensive right now for that to be realistic.

So I'm just going to have to wait for NGS to be playable on XBOX. I waited about 8 years for PSO2 to be localized, so I can wait a lot less longer to play NGS on XBOX. Lol!

Its frustrating to be sure. From a software development standpoint I think its very smart of them. A lot of other less experienced dev shops would probably jump straight to all platform CBT mayhaps. But presumably stepping through adding each platform per CBT session would serve them the best to observe/correct for issues encountered. So that when the all available platform push is made it will be the best it can be.

The downside is this takes time. And at least in my experience over the last year goes. Sega/PSO Teams are not great at timely nor "Full Disclosure and Transparency" posts, status updates, etc. Only perhaps the most obscenely unavoidable holy hell did things get forked up something crazy royal do they put out a little "oops our bad here's a token booster for your troubles" thing.

Thusly we're going to be kept in quite the dark until the sudden and/or actionable announcements are made. In the meantime we're left to discuss, bicker, and slam each other around about our collective thoughts and opinions about everything under the sun. Some of it related to this thread. 😼


o/ =^.^=

@KnightHarb1nger Indeed, and it's likely PC only also because that's the only beta the JP version got as well, assuming that our beta will be based in the JP CBT2 client (maybe with some minor fixes), that would mean that when we get our beta, the main development branch will be far ahead in development (including the consoles branches) and would not be ready for the limited scope of this closed beta.

If there's an open beta before launch though, it's likely that open beta would be for all available platforms, I think.

Open Beta is just marketing talk for official release. Every OBT ever just goes straight through to "release" and allows monetisation, so if there's an "open beta", it will be all currently available platforms.

Naming it an open beta makes more people likely to play because "I was there for beta!", etc.

@Matt Indeed. At least for PSO2 the only difference between open beta and release was that the release added new content and a level cap increase.

@DoubleMoonkin Um... the game is cross platform. Just download the MS Store client and login -.-;.

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@DoubleMoonkin Um... the game is cross platform. Just download the MS Store client and login -.-;.

People just have severe PTSD from the MS store when this game launched. They really started pushing their store last year and while many of the bugs are fixed now it still left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

@Zeke I understand that as I dealt with it too, but that won't stop me from trying to secure a spot in the closed beta!

I do think it should be fair to bring up that as of some recent updates which now has updates be handled through the digital storefront instead of the launcher, the issues the Microsoft Store version had were fixed as a result. (This is also the reason Sega advised that those using that version reinstall the game following that update as the location the game's installed to had been changed as a result)

As such... at this point not wanting to take up the Beta purely due to the platform of choice is either some of us being over cautious or just the typical "why not this storefront".

As for why the MS Store exclusivity at all... well other than the fact that Microsoft is the one even financing the release, there's also the fact that the Insider Hub is a very streamlined way of opting into any form of Beta. Of course whether the beta will be a new installation or simply opting participating players into a new patch repository is another story. To play a bit of devil's advocate... while Steam beta features are limited in that the only way to lock out a beta is through a single use password... the Japanese beta did check on login that the account logging in was one of the winning entries... if you weren't then the client would be useless. Arguably, in an ideal setting where we didn't have to account for Microsoft's involvement, Sega could have handled Beta registration through a public survey relying on users' Xbox Live / Steam / Epic account and simply locked out non-winning entries on login.

Now regarding someone bringing up why there's no standalone client... it really isn't an option at this stage as a lot of infrastructures related to logging in and microtransactions are handled through the digital storefront, most likely as a cost-saving measure to exporting the Sega ID infrastructure and system to the West. At this stage, PSO2 is purely dependent on a storefront.

As for the lack of Xbox beta... @Ezodagrom , gave the best potential explanation. Simply put for all we know, this Beta is based on the previous Japanese beta client with some minor fixes and of course, localization files. To my knowledge, JP hasn't even had any console betas yet.