Diconnected from the server. Ship Login Denied.

So, I'm trying to get into ship 3 with my character on it so I can switch over to the steam client via account linking code. Every single time I click ship 3, it authenticates my id for 1 second and then immediately tells me that I've "Disconnected from the server" no error code just disconnected. I tried turning firewall off and turning off virus protection but to no avail. Windows 10 is fully updated. and the game loads up fine but when i get to ship choice I cant get past it. Anyone know what's going on?

Maybe your game is not updated properly?

Is there a way I can check that without deleting it? because one of my buddies deleted it and now he cant re download if from microsoft.

delete your local data from the game, is located in the document directory, what causes that problem is that the local files says your character is in one place and is located in a different place in the server.

@Jamesmor Which local files are you talking about within the pso2 folder?

No, not the PSO2 folder! The Documents>Sega>PhantasyStarOnline2 folder. All of the files, probably? I mean, at worst you lose some symbol art.

@FANtasyStarOnline Ok so SEGA>phantasystaronline2> and then delete all of these files? download, log, symbolarts, temp, _version.ver, item_name_cache_na.dat, launcherlist, management_beta, Charactername.mcp, user.pso2, version.ver

@Gyrados-666 yes delete those, they are local files and will be downloaded again from the server after you connect in the game so you not gonna lose anything only the config of the game that will be reseted.