Pso2 NGS cbt clearifican?

Is the cbt only windows 10 store only or is it for xbox consoles as well and if its pc only that's really unfair for us xbox players who been here day 1of pso2 cbt to launch

You will be required to use the Windows/MS Store if it's not distributed through the Insider App directly. The insider app will likely send you to a hidden store page specifically for the NGS CBT.

The beta page says Windows 10 specifically. As such, it will be Windows 10 only.

Does.... this require linking your account to Microsoft?

Microsoft at it again being obnoxious .... The app description also implies they will be taking future betas and making them Microsoft app exclusives on Xbox/MicrosoftStore only 🙄

@NuclearPenguin Well they did pay for the game to be here so I see no problem for them making it exclusive.

I just wonder if I can even still register after work, I'm working 12-6 PM EDT on 4/21 and it opens up to register at 1 PM EDT. I'm going to miss my chance to test the game and see If its worth playing.