Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

I keep getting a network error? When I try to sign in on Xbox are the servers down! Help

All servers are down atm...hell this sites server has been going down and coming back.

I have not been able to Since it started. Hopefully they extend the play time

@Kecku2 thank you! For info tho

it's amazing how some people refuse to scroll through the forums before posting.

btw has anyone else noticed an issue with the servers?

I too have had issues trying to create a character for about 1hr 30m (between all the disconnections) and then be almost finished and then it disconnects losing all the progress 😞 so I was able to basically pick: female/class/race and just skip all the rest and skip the other things. I managed to fight a bit in the tutorial.. and then sigh disconnection again and now the serves are on maintenance. Oh well it's to be expected I guess as it is Beta.. but it would be nice to play looks great visually so far. Would really like to play though...

Created a character and then got kicked about 3 hours ago. Now unable to even try and get on.

i made it to level 3 almost 4

Got a email from Xbox that the game will be online till Sunday 12 am est

Anyone has an estimate on how long this is going to take?

@AsinineAlucard probably some time.

I can’t even sign in

@Norgen4622 Do anybody know when the servers are going to be out