Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

After running through part of the tutorial mission I also got booted from the server, but when backing out of the game and reopening the game auto crashes, might be error in the coding wanting to find an active server and not getting a response

i just got in and then got kicked out again...

Ship 1 offline

I've tried and made a character on both servers, got through the cutscene and then dropped. Very disappointed so far.

now i got an error No(632) yay...

Lol... Everything went offline... Fail

All servers offline

All servers are offline reminds me of destiny 2 release

*pulls out the sword... * Whoops.. who would have thought putting a sword through a server would do that? 😉 ducks

I finished the tutorial, almost finished 1st quest. Then DC... server is on maint now...

OMFG They just had a flat out crash. I wonder if the systems went BoD on them due to traffic.

All servers shut down? Will the be up and active tonight? Or should I give up and go to bed?

Server is under maintenance

it's showing all servers offline for me.

And now a patch