Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

Been trying to get in... Keeps timing out on "Authenticating ID'


Again.. The original ship issue sure as heck not a "Closed Beta" problem. Far from it.

The Authentication server issue. -could- be, but unlikely.

@Dez1202 same here I'm EST beta goes till Sunday I think but still wanted to create my character and lvl up a bit

@Silentdecaye Japan Xbox doesn't have PSO2. PC, PS4, PSVita, and Nintendo Switch are the systems have PSO2 Japan. They should have just opened all the ships from the start to allow for a REAL test honestly.

@stef2130 said in Can’t play getting disconnected every time:

I am to frustrated wit the dc that I am thinking of not playing this game and forgetting it

I'm sure the devs will be on soon to beg you to give it one last try 👍

Yeah but i get past authentication and ket kicked when i select the character creation

I can tell you it looks great at the least lol

i wont be home then i got other things to do so i'm trying to get all this done asp.

Got in for a sec. Then timed out on the character creation screen. Lol. The tease...

Everytime i attempt to change settings or make my character I get no response from pso2 servers and am returned to title screen. Anyone else having this problem?


Wouldnt surprise me if someone is hacking already

It works fine for me. I just hit LVL. 20. That's a shame though.

Same i was half way through training before i dc two from my group made it to lobby but they couldnt even move around before getting kicked

I got in try it now