Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

Yep wont let me make a character and returns me to title screen

Still cant play after i was on the boss tutorial i got kicked out...

I have tried 4 times to finish my character, but it boots me every time so far.

More than likely they weren't anticipating this level of turn out......Don't know why, its common sense to plan for scenarios like these, so they may end up extending it . Also it is the beta so some amount of inconvenience is to be expected.

Got kicked at a boss 🤣

yeah it keeps kicking me when i get to the end of the tut. then get the No[630] no response from pso2 sever and have to wait like 15 mins to get back in. guess i wont be joining in on the urgent quests in half in hour

They should give us the beta items then for compensation

I cant make my character the it says no response from server

Patience, hopefully they extend the duration but who's to say. The game finally came out for us so I'm honestly happy with just that

Me and my friend are trying to play but can't connect to any server😩 anyone know a workaround? Really just want to play this game been waiting to long

Seems like the server ain't holding up right now.. even ships that say normal status wont let people in

No workarounds, server is flooded. Just spam A and hope for the best.

@Shovan-Reese They knew exactly what the turn out would be as we've been waiting for this for 7 YEARS!

There are no servers, they are just counting how many people want to play before they spend any money on development. 🙂 All the people who say they are playing are just employees.

@Kyuubi43 The server issues say otherwise .