Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

Japanese text with error code "No.614"

I hope they fix soon.

Me too. i was kicked off in the middle of making my character. now i'm getting a untranslated message with [ No.614 ] at the end of it.

Ship 1 is at max cap they need to open more ship servers

I hopped into the first mission and at first there wasn't anything of note but I think the servers are reaching peak load cause at around 7:20ish there were large delays in defeating an enemy and that enemy being registered as dead, if the path was blocked it would take several minutes to unblock after the criteria was met. Enemies would also take longer than usual to spawn and finally I just got kicked out of the server shortly before completing this post. I suggest beefing up your servers if possible.

I finally got into the first server, made my character, then it froze. Now I gotta redo it

Even if you get in, it takes minutes to get to the create new character part. Then it disconnects in the middle (at least for me) "No response from server, returning to title screen." 😞

they just put ship 2 up it looks like they are putting them up over time to pepper them in slowly

Anyone else having crashing issues when trying to create a character?

Done the tutorial twice without finishing. Game just locks up and dumps me back to the main menu for log in shenanigans again.

Yep, keeps kicking me out to the Select Ship screen and I have to start over, and NOW I can't even login at all and both ships say they are at "Normal" levels. I really hope this gets fixed soon. Especially with the time constraints for items and such. I haven't even been able to get into the game yet and it's frustrating.

I still can't log back in a second time after being kicked out once... Just too many no server response errors

Im still in server limbo after i got kick from server 1

I was "Lucky" enough to get to the character creation a few time but always get booted from it. Anyone else having this issue?

i was just able to make my character and getting into the tut

Can’t even play cep getting disconnected to server They should give us free characters transfers or make the beta last longer