Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

Can't get back on though. I can pick a ship choose my toon, then get booted in the middle of you g back to my (look this way, and move that way) tutorial .

I actually got to the end of the tutorial mission only to run into an invisible wall that was right in front of the exit before getting booted.

@Tigran yea....that is a dmn good point I didn't even think about that. We're here now though so hopefully they are reading the threads and getting feedback and will do something about these issues. An extension would be appreciated by a lot of players

@Terribethia I sure hope so. I just keep getting disconnected from the server messages.

@Kecku2. Almost made it through tutorial and got the boot. One of four im my party chat finished. Then got dc. Keep trying.

@Shovan-Reese you won't hear much of ANY bugs the game has again been running over 7 years now the works been done already. The invisible wall is most like the load wall for the cut at the end of the prologue before you arrive at the ship which the server issues might cause the mission the load freeze than kick due to timeout.

I have yet to make it to character creation.

Your not the only one I got in started learning about combat then it crashed

@Silentdecaye dmn homie...….lets have a moment of silence for SilentDecaye…….

Took an hour for me to get to the start options menu. 10 minutes for CharCre. Now endless DCs in Creation. I feel your pain.

Yeah furthest I've gotten was character creation screen but nothing seems to want to load then I get error 630

i just hope i can at least make my character before the beta ends tonight (im in EST) or ill be screwed for tomorrow i know im not the only one i just wish it would stop crashing for everyone some players are already on and playing...

It is beta after all. There are bound to be bugs. At the same time japan xbox servers dont see connectivity issues like this

I got a message saying it ends on the 9th at midnight

I am to frustrated wit the dc that I am thinking of not playing this game and forgetting it