Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

im still cant get through the character creation.

At least a little post from them stating anything would be helpful. I've spent 1.5 hours trying to log in and get past the tutorial. I'm giving up for now.

It wont even let me get into a ship now😭

Sometimes I can get into character creation but i can never finish it bc it boots you out in the middle of it

@KunaiTheSciGuy said in Can’t play getting disconnected every time:

Patience, hopefully they extend the duration but who's to say. The game finally came out for us so I'm honestly happy with just that

The game is very likely to be extended due to the inconvenience. I agree with this!

Its disconnecting from the server frequently. Cant get past the opening scene of the forest.

@Shovan-Reese said in Can’t play getting disconnected every time:

More than likely they weren't anticipating this level of turn out......Don't know why, its common sense to plan for scenarios like these, so they may end up extending it . Also it is the beta so some amount of inconvenience is to be expected.

The problem is.. That excuse doesn't track. This kind of issue should not be one experienced during a closed beta. They knew exactly how many people were going to log in, because of the ammount of registrations through xbox insider. This isn't "We wern't expecting this many people!"

If this were open beta.. I'd be "Yeah.. this is a thing that usually happens." but closed beta is ment to not stress servers, but instead make sure interactions and completions and such as that work correctly under controlled circumstances.

every time i get kicked off when making my character i get a No(630) no response from server error and i've been trying to create my character for 1 hour now and i just can't get in.

i was excited for this game but these technical issues are aggravating, cant even log in been trying for over an hour and still nothing, how are supposed to give feed back on this game and we cant even log in?

True, I can understand that. It may have been more advantageous for them to open the website up ahead of time to at least get a more accurate figure of what they would be working with as far as congestion and traffic, That seems to be a lot of the issue, I haven't heard much bad news as about any bugs ingame.

@Shovan-Reese More like server issues say they waited till the last minute and now realize their f-up. I can honestly say as a long time PSO player this is nightmare level of lack o prep. I have been DC'd over 15 times in Character Creation I haven't even set foot in the Prologue Mission yet.

@Terribethia Just got message that they are having log in issues. I guess that means they are working on it.

i gave up after the 3rd time getting kicked from the tutorial boss fight. gonna try tomorrow

Loaded in created my character got to the part where I learn about combat then game crashed load back in there's now two servers go into second server load into cutscene game crashes back to title too bad wanted to try it out and give a response