Anybody else can’t connect on xb1 ?

Just says I can’t connect , any suggestions ?

The servers don't come up for another 3 hours. Sorry!

5 PM PST is when they come. 3 more hours my dude.

It’s not allowing me to connect! Saying that they can not find my server? Please help

Servers don't come up until 5 PST. Little less than 2 hours from now.

Should read the front page. All information is there.

Is the mainte ance gonna b long since we only have a limited time with the beta

The beta starts at 5pm pst in around 40 min

8pm EST. Less than an hour my friends!

Constantly getting a Japanese error 614 when connecting to a server

still not working on xbox

I can't login either.

Are they going to open any other servers

I hope they unlock other servers! EST here!