Game crashes/freezes/shuts down my computer whenever I fight the Sodam boss

Hi, whenever I do the UQ TPD or fight Sodam in general (i.e. divide quest and solo ultimate quest) my game will either become irresponsive or force restart my computer. This has been happening ever since TPD came out on March 17. There's a small chance that I can do these quests successfully, but I can barely complete the TPD titles for number of completions. This has just become and anxiety inducing and stressful. My gpu is the nvidia rtx 3080 and cpu is amd 5600x. Whenever I play other games, not a problem. I am convinced it's on SEGA's end. I even sent a ticket and gave them my dxdiag info, but it has been weeks for them to reply. If anyone can help me, please do and thank you.

I have this problem too. It's frustrating because you need Deimos stones for Klauz Weapons.