13* Unit Exchange

The 13* Unit exchange existed on JP as of the beginning of Episode 6. It was a problem when we didn't have it with the influx of Rainbow keys and Divide Quest, and now that UH Cradle and Drawn to Darkness are available it is absolutely imperative that we have a means to turn these literal hundreds of 13* Units into their Excube equivalent. 5 per 13* Unit, for the record. This kind of lack of care for the playerbase's QoL is the exact reason Global has been steadily losing players, even after a slight revitalization with the Steam release. Many people have been watching how the players are treated and have sworn off PSO2 and NGS altogether because of the poor business practices, how many more have to quit before you figure it out, Global Team?

Actually there are 2, one in In-game Suggestions (the one Ryoga just mentioned) & another in General Discussion.

100%. This seems like yet another cash grab to get us to fill up our storages in the hopes we'll eventually get this feature, which as you rightly mention we should already have. TBH even tho it's a very small thing in the grand scheme of things, it's really starting to fill me with disgust that we don't have it. This, the withholding of Mark Capsules, and other crappy business practices are starting to sour me on the gmae and I LOVE this game.

@Karmatic1525 said in 13* Unit Exchange:

The 13* Unit exchange existed on JP as of the beginning of Episode 6

No, it did not. September 16th, 2020 was when the exchange happened.

We should have it by now, but it was not there at the start of Episode 6, which was over 1.5 years ago.

To clarify I do want 13* Unit exchange but it's not THAT late.

Other than spiffying up my Auxiliaries and if you're not trying your best to max up on crafting fodder. Not having this would be a hella pita. Lucky for me I guess I'm not that cool to have the problem of overflowing 13* Unit inv. Yet..

I was curious about if anyone knew of any more "Chapters" I guess for Ep. 6? Or are we fully caught up with JP. And we are all awaiting NGS together at this point.


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@KnightHarb1nger We've got all of EP6's story that JP has. Unless you count Shiva showing up for an Xmas event as story. There's still other non-story EP6 content though, like CM3. But we've reached the same story end as JP.

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Wheres my 13* Unit Exchange

@AiC-L I would say the Shiva (Christmas), Elmir (Christmas), & Mother (Christmas) are more of a side story & global has already written out the side story events for making the Protection of Friendship ring & *First Approach camo which were from Valentines/White Day events.

If there was any story missing From Global aside from the seasonal chatter & collabs such Evangelion & SAO. I'd say the EX Chapter with Emilia & Vivienne as there were actually cutscenes & voiced lines. Plus the cutscenes weren't removed from the game after the content period ended unlike the collabs (previously stated).


*Note this EX chapter has no bearing on the main story or nor do they make any further appearances after such.

Now given this is a topic meant for the missing 13* unit to EX-Cube exchange while I wouldn't mind explaining further, this isn't the topic for such & we may forward this to a topic of your choosing or just end it here.