Ex-cube Exchange: Grinder Adjustments

Would it be possible to do some modifications to make exchanging ex-cubes for grinders to be more convenient?

At the moment, you can only exchange up to 33 ex-cubes for 990 grinders. Then a player would be forced to hop back into their inventory to manually put it into their material storage or what not and repeat this over and over again. This is simply just not time-efficient and could be improved on...

Can this limit be raised to be more efficient tosave more time or can there be some sort of other solution/alternative to this?

I agree. Since they have the option for the regular NPC Shop to purchase to storage (or am I just imagining that?), it would be nice for them to be able to add that functionality to other exchange shops like the ExCube Shop.

Lots of shop behaviour is inconsistent; you can buy multiple Sword in one transaction from the weapons merchant or exchange Rising Weapons Badges for multiple weapons from Nanon, but you can't trade multiple Photon Sphere for EXP 12★ Egg from the pet exchange so levelling pets still takes a ton of wasteful inputs lol.

Exchanging into storage would be neat. If you have Material Storage you can save yourself a little time as things are since the EX-Cube exchange counter has an Open Storage option that lets you Batch Move to Material Storage and get on to making the next Grinder(30) exchange without leaving the counter.

An alternative would be to make ex-cubes sellable on NPC shops for 12k meseta (30 grinders x 400 meseta = 12k).

Or cut it even further by making 10-12, 13, 14 star weapons sell for the same amount that their worth in cube to grinders would sell in the end. It feels definitely particularly silly to have this conversion clown rodeo.

@Vashzaron That reminds me that in the first half year of JP PSO2, selling items on the NPC shop used to be worth more, but eventually the NPCs vendor prices were reduced, since PSE bursts were too profitable back then. xD

A few NPC client orders were also nerfed from daily to weekly back then as well (like Franca).