Just a heads up, Shop Pass is gone from FUN scratch on JP.

Title alone is pretty self explanatory. JP had Shop Pass removed from FUN scratch and to my knowledge added no alternatives. So if you did not stack up on the passes beforehand or do not have a premium you can't sell items anymore. Sneaky removal too, only "mention" of it was the expiration date on the FUN scratch catalog page, which to be honest no one checks because it hasn't been relevant for 8 years give or take.

Might wanna start stocking up on those passes just in case, while you still can.

Damn, that sucks

I wonder what they're planning on the replacement method on getting those free to play shop passes in NGS?

Did they really, absolutely will not be ever bothering with the jp version again then. They were already extremely annoying to get. I guess they either lost too many players and doing a desperation act to strong-arm for premium or since NGS won't use any of it, it must be right around the corner.

I wonder how they will handle it in NGS though.

I think its a desperate move to finally kill off RMT bots. I wonder if its far worse in JP now than global. I hear the player economy on any ships is in the 100s of millions to billions for the NGS compatible wear to get it off shops.

It may come here as well the change I don't think global will not forgo the change, but I've been wrong before with how certain minor things are different here as well.

@LightGamer2016 RWT/botting isn't really an issue on JP, it's much more prevalent on NA. The higher prices are due to JP's longer lifespan which means there's been more time for inflation which was recently accelerated due to UH Craddle. My only guess is that its some sort preparation for NGS, not to say I agree with it.

Aren't JP's shops disabled atm though?

Maybe they will be in the missions shop?