So, a few years back I was introduced to Pepakura as a means of building cosplay props and armor by the 405th ,a cosplay group focusing primarily on Halo builds. They'd put together quite an impressive library of files for the various armor, weapons, and other props. And not just Halo, either. There was a member of the group by the name of Zombiegrimm who had taken up the monumentally ambitious task of extracting, refining, and "unfolding" dang near EVERYTHING in Skyrim as well.

Which got me to wondering if there was any such efforts being made in the PSO2 community. Sadly, thus far, my searching has yielded zilch. In fact, I've found very little cosplay resources of ANY kind for PSO2 or even the previous titles, which seems very odd for a franchise that's been around for so many years.

So I thought maybe I'd put some feelers out on here and see if there's anyone around who's done 3D model extracting or knows of any sources where I might find some, mostly of weapons (particularly gunblades) and/or mags, and preferably in .obj, .pdo, or .stl file types as those seem to be the easiest for the Pepakura Viewer/Designer software to handle.