Beautiful PSO2 landscapes

A lot of people don't notice them, but if you have a moment to look around and do some pics, post here your best landscapes compositions! Remember this is not meant to be a character thread, though he/she may appear but not as the main attraction.


The view from Mt. Mahinapali is nice alt text

alt text

alt text

Something's gone awfully wrong at the party...


Quna's telling about her 'guardian' affair...


A few nights before the end of the world, let's just sit down and watch anything on TV...


Even if I use lowest image quality for playing at NGS, the screenshots are transformed into high quality, this is very good to know!


ARKS operative labeled dead for years is actually living her life in Naverius as a real huntress of the older ways...


Missing school days.


Didn't know about this thread. Guess i could pitch in my haul. Been posting them progressively on the official PSO2 NGS discord.

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sniping the last one for wallpaper, its beautiful