Return to Innocence

There are many things that plauge our time online , TIME being the most repetitve verb, especially in the current state of Covid.

Gamers who post things on how things should of been or have not been ( myself included), would often go off into a tangent of rage and just losing it.

But, while all these things are relateable, let me just touch on things that make us all similar:

Have you ever, started a quest , In an instance where it's finally one of the most spot-on plyathourghs you have had, only to be dis-connected with in-famous error 603? And you could swear that this time you will finally get a rare weapon , cammo, or even an epic unit, but you didn't?

I know - it is one of the most dis-heartning things that could ever happen and on top of that - this kind of situation really doesn't leave you with any determination to log-in and try again, but IF you do, you decide to sit in idle in your favortite ship block.

Do you find yourself yelling at your PC's monitor, with all sorts of verbatum, because - The game just - SUCKS!? In some cases even flipping the bird at the monitor because no matter what you do, it just doesnt work?

I ended up asking myself - Why do we do it!? It's Just a game, and that's all it will ever be. Sure, I suck- there is no denying that, and I will affirm - I am not even in the top players list ( The one that shows your overall rank.)

The Internet is still a Harsh and cruel place, those that seek affirmation or even status will try their absolute hardest, only to be butchered by those cruel enough to be reckless with other peoples feelings. Least we forget that behind every single monitor is a Living , Breathing - Human being with a heart and feelings.

Can't relate to half those things, particularly yelling at a PC monitor.

Perfectly content with wielding bosoms, pole dancing in both quest and lobby alike, and generally having a calm time with whatever challenges the game throws around.

Been waiting for Solo Sodam in particular. Tomorrow shall be fun.

I can relate with other games anyway. The older Monster Hunter series games made me want to throw my controller. Imagine a timed battle and a system where you can tell when the boss monster is almost dead but then your timer runs out right at the end, it’s maddening.

Here in this game I just play to relax. I run UQ because they’re fun, I don’t do any content unless it interests me. Sometimes I just hang out with friends, this game is so casual friendly.

I still stress and get plain mad at videogames when I can’t do the thing(X goal here) but I’m not an elite gamer or anything so I cut myself some slack, and I cut other people slack that can’t do it either.

My real life is a lot more stressful than these games, I think it’s that way for a lot of people. Too many responsibilities on your shoulders and limited ways to unwind, games are the perfect outlet even if we’re not perfect at them.

I think the only time I've ever gotten annoyed at the game is when other people 630, especially during CM. Don't really get mad though and I very very rarely ever DC.

Not relevant but the thread title is literally the most overrated song by enigma and the worst song on the cross of changes album.

Why are we still here? Just to d/c? Every night, I can feel my PAs... And my techs... even my autochats. The connection I've lost... the loot I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like it's all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our rares!