So I can't believe they did it but let's gooooo

One of the best male hairstyle is coming tomorrow and I am excited as its the same one I am rocking on my profile pic. I know I have mentioned this quite a lot on the forums and I do not want to think I am the reason for getting it (although I have not seen anyone specifically talk about the Irregular at Magic Highschool x PSO2 collab besides myself) but my alliance who also plays on JP knew I wanted this and spammed me that it was coming.

Thanks for bringing this to NA like I am very pleased with this lol

So, it's male only hairstyle? Wow, must be the fifth male version with that arbitrary limitation in the game.

I actually saw that scratch posted and thought "oh hey, it's the scratch with that hairstyle someone was looking for on the forums".

I assume it was in the works already though, figuring out+dealing with licensing probably takes longer for the paperwork than the time it took from that post until now.

@Yggranya Once the graphics engine update hits, gender restrictions on hairstyles (and makeup) will be removed (though they will still exist for body paint since those are linked to body-type), so even if a hairstyle is currently gender-locked, it is a good idea to pick it up if you like it since you will be able to use it soon enough regardless of gender. I have a friend on the JP server who emptied out their meseta reserves because of this since there was a hairstyle that they loved, but it was originally male only when it was released in a single scratch several years ago (before the two ticket account registering as well).

Yeah, I think it's surprising out of all of the collabs they did they chose Mahouka. (Not that I'm complaining) I want a few outfits from the scratch and especially that handgun gunblade, haha! More collabs, ahoy!!!!!!!

@AndrlCh My point was simply that compared to the many female only hairstyles, there aren't many male only hairstyles, and considering the hairstyles that don't have any limitations like that, it's arbitrary regardless.