Looking for a good Gu/Hu guide

Hi, I'm a main Gunner/Hunter level 100/100 but I'm also a noob xD

I searched a lot but I couldn't find any good and updated guide on the internet that teach me what gear is the best, what weapon, what affixes, skills, etc.

If you know where to find this kind of info or you can explain me what you know it will be very welcome. I'm totally lost not knowing what is the best build for my character.

Thank you a lot. ARKS forever!

I would heavily recommend Rin's Gunner Guide for general reading as they have examples of attack rotations you may want to incorporate as well as tricks you can learn with specific weapons to maximize utility.

In general where we are now (which is largely caught up with the Japanese version of the game hence me linking a guide to the Japanese version of the game) your basic priority is to utilize Ayer/Cras or Agile/Klauz weapons and affix them to the best of your ability for something like maximum damage.

On my end I personally play Gunner/Fighter so this grants me elevated access to something like Another S-Roll Arts/Alternate Stylish Roll Finisher for splashing mobs with relatively decent damage for effective mob control. This skill alone separates the Gunner/Fighter from every other class combination (Gunner/Hunter cannot match this even with the Stance Ring and while the Gunner/Phantom and Gunner/Luster can get close the lack of a Stance Ring makes this weaker than the Gunner/Fighter. The Gunner/Etoile does not hold a candle here at all because this particular attack is completely neglected by the Etoile's damage multipliers).

But in a quick nutshell, I will try to pinpoint things you hopefully already have or can get for your Gunner:

Gunner Skill Tree:

  • Ranged PWR Up 1 (Level 3)

  • Point Blank Boost 1 (Maxed Out)

  • Point Blank Boost 2 (Maxed Out)

  • Zero Range Critical (Maxed Out)

  • Twin Machineguns Focus

  • Twin Mach. Guns Stylish Charge

  • Chain Trigger (Maxed Out)

  • Chain Finish (Maxed Out)

  • Chain Finisher Bonus

  • Double Chain

  • Showtime (Level 3)

  • Showtime Star (Level 3)

  • Encore Time (Maxed Out)

  • Time Save (Maxed Out)

  • High Time (Maxed Out)

  • Stylish Roll Up (Maxed Out)

  • Stylish Roll Finisher (Maxed Out)

  • Stylish Roll Perf. ATK Bonus (Maxed Out)

  • Alternate Stylish Roll Finisher

  • High Level Bonus: Gunner

  • Twin Machineguns Mastery

From here, depending on what you aim for you may want to pick up Perfectionist and Attack PP Restorate as well. On my end I have them but still have extra points leftover but because I tend to play with low health I focus more on the Fighter's low-health and debuffed boosts and rely more on those when possible.

In terms of other things you may want, I heavily recommend the following:

Gunner Rings:

  • Forward Stylish Roll (L): I cannot imagine playing Gunner without this ring at all. You can craft the other Gunner's ring and fuse them together as well to get both effects with only one slot needed.

Crafted Photon Arts:

  • Infinite Fire Type-0/Infinite Storm Zero: This is one of your strongest crafted photon arts you can hope to use against enemies as it's very powerful and easy to use when you have the TMG Short Charge/Stylish Charge skill unlocked.

Koffie/Cofy Unlocks:

  • Calamity Bullet: This is one of your special attacks you unlock from Koffie/Cofy known as a Complex Photon Art or Buildup Photon Art. This will make building your Chain Trigger very easy and give you quick dodges and teleports.

Hopefully for what I have not covered the guide should be able to show you and list you some examples of what you can do and what to look for. The Gunner, at least in my experience, plays very similarly regardless of your subclass as the Gunner/Hunter and Gunner/Fighter are very close until you reach Level 85 where a very big gap is made between survivability and damage.